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Custom Zipper Pull


Zipper Pulls are 1 focal (bigger bead) + 2 round silicone beads. Perfect for jackets, backpacks, or just your keys!! 

How does a customs listing work? 

Easy. Select which items you want to customize & once bought you can either email me at

OR send me a PM on Facebook with your order # and what you’re wanting for your custom item. (Please specify on instructions at checkout which communication you choose). - You can also opt to leave detailed notes at checkout per item you order. 

Though most designs are available, sometimes I am unable to purchase certain themes chosen. I will try to contact you 2x if I need slightly change your order or have you pick a new one. If I do not hear back I will make it as close as I can get it with my own judgement. (Refunds will be case to case decision so please keep that in mind. If you are communicating well with me and we cannot come up with a solution for OOS items I will then choose to refund you 75% of said custom item, the other 25% goes toward time it takes me to communicate with you. 

If you want to check with me before purchasing shoot me a message, give roughly 12-36 hours for a response.  
Again email is: 

OR my part time associate can be reached at: